Press Release: Winners of the 9th Edition of the European Paper Recycling Awards announced

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The Awarding Ceremony of the 9th Edition of the European Paper Recycling Awards took place today at the European Parliament Brussels and was hosted by MEP Susana Solís Pérez.

The event takes place every two years with the goal to highlight and reward European projects, initiatives or campaigns that change the way we recycle paper in Europe and help achieve the paper and recycling value chain’s ambitious pledge to reach a 76% paper recycling rate by 2030.

The ceremony awards the winners who have presented excellent and game-changing projects in two categories: Innovative Technologies, and R&D and Information & Education.

The winner of the “Innovative Technologies and R&D” category is the ODiWiP project and its follow-up KIBAPap project. These aim to implement AI systems into the paper recycling loop. The projects brought together an impressive number of actors, from manufacturers to recyclers, technology providers and data platforms, as well as regulatory bodies and academia.

Awarded in the “Information and Education” category was the 4evergreen alliance’s Guidance on the Improved Collection and Sorting of Fibre-based Packaging for Recycling – a self-regulatory initiative. 4evergreen is a cross-industry alliance of over 100 members representing the entire lifecycle of fibre-based packaging – from forests to producers, designers, brand owners and recyclers. Together they share expertise to develop tools and guidelines to further the sustainability of the sector.



The most critical development for the sector during the mandate has been the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation. My position from the outset, especially with regards to the paper and cardboard recycling industries, has been to highlight the need for a balanced approach that recognizes the high recyclability rate and the sustainable management practices that distinguish paper from other materials.”

Susana Solís Pérez – Member of the European Parliament

“These projects are trying to push the boundaries of what we know is possible in recycling, both from a technological standpoint and from the point of view of the wider socio-economic systems in which recycling actors operate.”

“While it is important to acknowledge Europe’s leadership in recycling rates for paper, the most recycled material, we want to go even further in pushing circularity for paper as a material resource. It is this combination of technology and systemic change that will allow us to achieve our goal.”

Andrea Orallo – Chair EPRC (European Paper Recycling Council)

“As our economy needs to decarbonise and further substitute fossil resources with renewable ones, further increasing paper recycling broadens the raw material base for the bio-based economy.”

“The recycling rate for paper-based packaging is even higher than for paper in general. In 2021 it stood at 82.5%. Our general target here includes all paper products ranging from print to hygiene and speciality papers.”

Ulrich Leberle – EPRC Secretary and Cepi Raw Materials Director

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