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The paper industry is the largest recycler in Europe. Paper for recycling is particularly suited for applications such as newsprint and packaging. However, for some “higher quality” publication paper and some packaging applications, for example, only top quality paper for recycling can be used but it is not available in large quantities. The average utilisation rate is 52.5%. Newsprint is a big user of paper for recycling. Its utilisation rate of paper for recycling has reached 92.3% (2015).

Other main users of paper for recycling:

  • Packaging: 74.4% of the total volumes
  • Household and sanitary papers, 40%, a lower level than in recent years. The main explanation for this is the consumers’ increasing choice for soft hygiene products. Softness is more efficiently reached through utilisation of virgin fibres.
  • The fresh fibres in magazines and other high grades are needed for renewing the paper for recycling wealth.

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